To be an effective school administrator one must possesses qualities of leadership. As a school administrator, you are a head, supervisor and manager. And effective school administrator, therefore, must have knowledge and skill in evaluation, guidance, directing and organizing programs of instruction. His leadership determines to a large extent the quality of the school’s instructional program.In every educational institution, the administrator plays an important role. Upon his shoulders rest success or failure of the school. Fred M. Kechenger once said,” I have never seen a good school with a poor principal or a poor principal with a good school.”This observation underscores the important role of school plays. He has an educational leader, is expected to guide his subordinates in all activities and programs. In these endeavored, he is expected to provide favorable conditions conducive to effective teaching and learning.

By: Diana B. Caberto | Teacher III | Limay Elementary School Limay,Bataan

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