Building a word factory in a child’s mind must be a fun, first time experience. Never let a child cram for words and end up nothing. Teaching vocabulary reading must be done gradually and processed by step.

  1. Diagnose. Find out what the child’s prior knowledge is. It is important to always know where to start.
  2. Preview the vocabulary words. This enables the child learn the connotation and denotation of the word. Here, he is taught of the pronunciation, spelling and meaning of the word.
  3. Repeated Exposure. This familiarizes the child on the words spelling, pronunciation and meaning thru repeated usage of the word.
  4. Keyword Method. Aside from teaching the meaning, unfamiliar and new words can be inculcated thru association with pictures, signage, acronym, spelling pattern among others.
  5. Word Map. This is a dictionary type where the child makes a mapping of the words composition like its origin, part of speech, spelling, pronunciation, and definition.

Restructuring Reading Materials. It is essential that the book is adaptable and suited to the child’s capability.

By: MS. MEREDITH D. ORTEGA | Teacher III | Mabatang Elementary School, Abucay, Bataan

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