High school teachers commonly find difficult in implementing effective classroom particularly in public schools. Bit to achieve better performance of the students, classroom management must be given priority, remember no effective teaching unless classroom management is still a failure.

Becoming a high school teacher is not for the faint of heart but requires a special type of person to tackle the attitudes, the busy schedules, the hormones and the hard work needed to earn student’s respect.

Here are some effective tips that can lead to successful classroom management and discipline. These tips can help you cut down discipline problems and leave you with fewer interruptions   and disruptions.

1. Keeping students busy and involve

No matter the length of time of your class, try breaking up your lesson into at least thirds. Do no lecture on the entire class period; student will get bored and boredom produces disruption. Incorporating various activities into your class time will help to keep students engaged and interested.

2. Designing lesson according to the diversity of learners and their needs

In order to meet the needs of as many different learning styles as possible will help you to engage all students in your class, not just the auditory or visual learners. Having lesson plans that are strategically designed in order to engage does take more time to prepare, but the benefits experienced in the classroom is well worth the effort.

3. Do not disruption interrupt your class

If a disruption does arise involving noisy students, don’t let your temper rise; that will serve to encourage the negative behavior. If it is a minor offense, simply go and stand by the problem students and this typically serves to stop the behavior. If it needs more drastic attention, call the students out to the hallway and talk to them about the reasons behind their action.

4. Fairness is Key

Students have a distinct sense of what is and what is not fair. You must  act fairly for all students if you expect to be respected. If you don’t treat them equitably, you will be labeled as unfair teacher, students will not keen to follow your rules. Make sure that if your best student does something wrong , they too get punished for it.

5.  Be Consistent
One of the worst  thing you can do as a teacher is not to enforce your rules consistently .If one day you ignore misbehavior s and the next day you jump on someone for the smallest infraction, your students will quickly lose respect for you. Your students have the right to expect you to basically be the same every day. Moodiness is not allowed. Once you lose your students respect, you also lose their attention and their desire to please you.

6.  Keep High Expectations in Your Class
Expect that your students will behave, not that they will disrupt. Reinforce this with the way you speak with your students. When you begin the day, tell them your expectation.

7.  Be sincere In showing care among students
If your students know that you care about them as a person, not just the work that they turn into you, they will more likely to give their best behavior. High school students can be group in which you have to work to earn their respect in order for them to give you their respect. Recognizing that they have a life outside of your class and showing that you care about that life will bring positive result in your classroom. Students behave well for teachers that they like and that they know care about them.

By: AGOSTO J. GABAYA | Limay National High School | Limay, Bataan

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