Recent surveys and studies conducted by the Food and Nutrition Research Institute ( FNRI) reveal that the proliferation of computer games in the country is exposing Filipino children to some health risks. Also, the institute found out that most school children aged 9-12 from public and private elementary schools are less active. The data provided by the institute further proves the conclusion or realization  of elementary teachers on the effects of computer games to the mental and physical health of our young pupils. Children who are in their elementary years are the ones mostly affected and engage in such kind of habit. Habits that really affect not just their health but most particularly their academic performances in school. Now that most young children have an easy access to computer games, they pay less attention or time in doing their follow-up school assignment, projects or the like. They are less active in recitation or in performing certain activities in school. The time should have been spent in studying their lesson was just wasted in such sort of games.

          The money they should have spent in buying snacks during recess time was just used for such useless game. Though it may somehow help these pupils in acquiring certain knowledge on how to manipulate computers, still it has a negative impact on their performances in school and at home. Besides, that is not what they really need at these very early stage of their lives. In an actual classroom situations, pupils who are deeply engage in these activities are those who always failed in the tests and less active. Their study habits tend to be very much affected. In return their achievement level is at risk and so with the school. Facing this kind of problem, teachers and parents seek assistance to the authorized personnel in order to find certain solutions one which is having city or municipal ordinances not allowing both elementary and high school students to be admitted to computer rentals during school hours. However, still there are cases when these pupils are seen playing computer games on and off school hours. What could have been the best solution then? Perhaps, the main task should be than by the parents themselves. They should have a hands-on monitoring system on their child’s daily routine and activities. They must always try to know their child’s where abouts after school hours. Developing a very close and intimate relationship with their child will also keep their child off from such kind of habit, or somehow they may allow their child in such kind of activity provided that certain standards and time are to be followed. 

         Though it is said that we do now live in a computer world, and that recent advancements help make our work done easier, do not let such newest technology affect the values and the good study habit that our children should properly acquired. 


By: SIMEONA B. SUAYAN, St. Francis II Elementary School

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