At young age , children must exposed in gardening. It is important to them because good gardeners are born and made.
They can be good gardeners if they are will guided, encouraged and motivated. Elementary pupils love gardening in order to play with soil and do gardening. They cultivated just like plants it is advisable  to give care and efforts to the plants . There are ways to introduce children to gardening:
1. Give them a small space in the garden . Provide them with the necessary tools, equipment and other needs.
2. Teach them the principles of soil preparation and the importance of composting.
3. Teach them the right mixture for composting such as the formula.
4. Never allow the children   to use chemical pesticides.
5. Teach them the correct distance or spacing between plants . encourage eco-friendly gardening techniques and the use of organic fertilizers. Let tem understand the bad effects of pollution.
6. Select seeds or seedlings that grow and flower fast.

By: Gerald B. Tayo | Teacher | Tomas Pinpin Memorial Elementary School | Ibayo, Abucay, Bataan

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