The love of reading can be a habit forming, but how can we promote the importance of reading to our children. The best way to encourage young children to read is to spend time reading with them.

Parents should have time for their children they can spend thirty minutes, to one hour each day to read with them. This will get along way in keeping them to read books as they grow up. When you read to them, you might think that they do not understand what you are saying or that they are not paying attention. But all we know they are listening and that is how they learn.

They are like sponges or information. They learn a little beat each day and after a while before we know they know it they are reaching on their own.

In today’s world children are becoming hooked to video games, television and internet, it is very easy to our children to turn away from books which require more effort to enjoy. It is also important that we must exert efforts to feed their minds and help their abilities.

We must make an investment today, by committing our time and energy an early age for one children are ready for school, you will see how will prepared they are and the habit for reading will be formed.

By: Ms. Zenaida dela Cruz MT-I, | Tomas Pinpin Memorial Elementary School

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