Every children has the right to quality education and it cannot be denied that it is difficult or takes time to attain this aim. Many reforms have been done by the department of education to use English as the Improvement of Instruction to Quality Education.

What did the department of education to do to solve the problems? They improve the quality of instruction for public school and supervision of teacher through the division and district level. In observation many of our school teachers are found very art of questioning. They have difficulty in attaining much improve instruction and producing quality teachers because most of the teacher listened to the suggestion but did not take pains to implement. However, there are also teachers who are willing to do their task.

Clamor and belief for quality education using English as a medium of instruction would also means considering the varies element for quality learning. Take away one of these and the quality would be lessened.

A mere fact that English is not our native tongue but a second language brought about in the Philippine Curriculum is not an easy task. It is a challenge to the Philippine Pedagogical system of promoting and attaining quality education in English language. The learning environment and the love of parents in educating their children are the nest combination for improved instruction of said subject area for quality education. English is an international, language for quality education so improved instruction is a must.

By: MR. OMAR M. GALLEGO | Teacher I | Pilar Elementary School, Pilar, Bataan

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