ALMOST century ago,Intelligence Quotient (I.Q) has been accepted as the primary measure of a person’s learning capability and became the basis for categorizing persons into imbeciles,gemuses or any of the eight classifications in between.It also propagated the myth that intelligence is limited to two dimensions: Linguistic and mathematical –logical.

Only during the recent years that intelligence has been appreciated as “a many splendored thing”. It was Dr. Howard Gardner,an educational psychologist at Harvard University introduced the theory of multiple intelligence. He believed that the heart of the MULTIPLE INTELLIGENCES perspective inheres in taking human differences seriously.

Multiple intelligences have the following dimensions,linguistic,logical-math,musical,visual-spatial,bodily-kinesthetic,interpersonal,intrapersonal,and naturalist intelligence.

According to Dr.Gardner,such multiple intelligences have a career match up and ways of enhancing this intelligence love the sound and myth of language. Use descriptive languages are exciting story teller.Have a vast vocabulary. Thinks in words.Memorizes easily,love to use figure of speech.

As a career matchup, persons with linguistic intelligence have these skills on the job;telling,talking,teaching,lecturing,debating,proofreading,editing, word processing,writing and announcing. One who has good linguistic intelligence finds it proficient in professions like teacher,lawyer,proofreader,editor,librarian,speech trainor,journalist,radio-TV announcer,translator and ghost writer.

By: Mrs. Gemma S. Gomez | Teacher I Capunitan Elementary School

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