The main objective of the educational system is to produce a holistic individual who can compete globally and functionally literate. To make this possible, there is a need to improve the teaching and learning situation. Since the teacher is the essential factor in learning as the carrier of knowledge, there is really a demand to enhance his personal effectiveness.

There are ways to enhance teacher’s personal effectiveness. Having a pleasing personality may gain respect of his pupils, fellow teachers, superiors and the community.

Good health is associated with personality. A teacher can hardly maximize her enhance personal effectiveness in teaching and learning if he is very sickly. A well groomed teacher is personally effective in and outside the classroom. This could create a climate of positive teaching and learning situation. Having a well-motivated voice, sense of humor and a good and catching smile can add effectiveness to every teacher. But the most important of all is her license as badge of personal effectiveness and devotion to duty because whatever it is our learners need extra time to learn and grasp knowledge that will make him a better individual in the near future.

By: Mr. Miguel V. Bondoc | Teacher I | Lamao National High School

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