Contrary to popular notions, mathematics is the most popular subject in highschool. Parents and teachers need to know that many students are interested in knowing math. So they must need to know the many types of activities and practical works to help these children to even love more this subject and develop natural talents and acquire skills to face real life application of figures and numbers.

Scientist report that mathematics environment stimulation needs the teachers and parents to employ positive enrichment of experiences as early as possible. Word of mouth saying that mathematics is a difficult subject, should be explained to the students that it is not totally true. It all depends to the learner’s deligence, patience and mathematical skills. To improve this, here are some ways wherein mathemetics teachers can enrich mathematics environment.

1. Exposure to mathematics language – through books, rhymes, songs, stories and plays

.2. Give basic mathematics experience in counting number lines, patterns, logic, primarily through games and exposures.

3. Spatial intelligence- listening to mathematical jingle, fun activities in mathematics, doing puzzels, lego blocks.

Experts keep emphasizing the importance of positive enrichment of mathematics experiences as early as possible. Mathematics will be a venue for learning and enjoyment for learners.

By: Ms.Yolanda Basi -MT I- HNHS

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