In the quest for quality education, teachers serve as catalysts for change and must understand the technique of an effective teaching and classroom management. The most difficult areas in the teaching and learning process is to make pupils understand and believe what you teach and this need proper attention. Certain technique and approaches must be applied but how can this be attained we must learn to develop our own style that would make us feel comfortable in introducing them to our children. The principal advantage of those expert teachers is that they have already learn from their past experiences too seriously, and their learning from their own mistakes.

Teachers must ensure equal opportunity in their dealings with students and foster value equality among them . Regardless of race, gender, sexuality, age and disability. It is necessary if we could improve fair  treatment and by handling all situations and the best we could. 

We could check our behavior towards them by not treating pupils, regardless of background by asking questions or let pupils give comments and feedbacks. At some extent pupils would want to sit according to same groupings we can use more random characteristics such as birth dates. Make efforts to pronounce the names of pupils without hesitation. Allow them to keep telling upon whether you’ve got names right or not yet. Ensure you are not typecasting rules according to gender race sexuality and age, let them all the work cooperatively. Be sensitive to instances where classmates discriminate others. We must also watch our sense of humor. It is dangerously easy to attempt to say something amusing, when  in fact fun at someone’s expense.

Raise pupils awareness of equality issues, encourage pupils to confront issues of inequality and help them  to work out practical and variable solutions to problems that involve equal opportunity.

Practically seek to work cooperatively with colleagues whenever opportunity arises. Censure any pupils who  display in appropriate bias in things they say or write and help them towards attitudes which enable them to demonstrate quality values in this case opportunity can be observed in the classroom for effective classroom management.

By: Ms. Sharon T. Guanzon | Master Teacher I, Tomas Pinpin Memorial Elementary School

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