Teaching, children for self directed learning can sometimes prove to be a “Heroic Task “at other times momentarily disheartening, considering the growing diversity in children’s characteristic. There is a great demand on the part of instructions providers to be equipped with essential teaching skills in order to enable them to reach the lifelong goal of continued learning. Undoubtedly, these critical teaching skills point to the teacher’s domain-their personal attributes and attitudes, teaching competences and mastery of variety of teaching strategies. These skills are closely interrelated and the influence of one on the other is widely accepted.I. Desirable Teaching Attributes A list of the most “enabling “qualities are considered essential are the following 

A)Caring Attitude B)Enthusiasm , Humor and Warmth C)Honesty and Sincerity D)Open-mindedness E)Fairness and Impartially

By: Mrs. Marivic V. Destreza

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