Face beauty and everywhere in life beauty faces you. Look for truth and everywhere you will find the truth. See the goodness , and from every life goodness will rise to greet you. We find pretty much what we are looking for. Give kindness and love, and kindness and love come back to you. Give hatred, indifference and scorn, and your return are hatred indifference or scorn. Your own will come to you sooner or later, that which you deserve you get; you set in operation in yourself the causes which must be followed by their inevitable results, because of this fundamental law of the universe. Every act of our lives is like the living seed – it produces after its own kind. No man is foolish as to think he can cheat nature. If he plants rice, he does not expect to get potatoes; he knows the olive tree will not bear figs or the rosebud yield wheat. And yet we imagine that we are cunning enough to cheat ourselves. We think we can act or speak in a certain manner and then go our way and forget it, as though it had never been. But every act of life, however trivial , remains like the seed to sprout and grow, and produces influences whose far reaching affects can scarcely be dreamed.

By: Ms. Evangeline S. Guzman | Teacher I | Sto. Domingo Elementary School

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