For the month of March, the particular value and Excellence and Quality. These topics are very signifacant; since we cannot discussed Excellence without mentioning quality. Excellence is striving for the best, we have a saying that: :It is to try to be the best among others, but it is best to be trying to be excellent than yourselves.”

We must strive for excellence, hindi pwede ang pwede na, or “okay na ito:, or “bahala na”. If you are a guard being excellent in a certain entity, be the best guard; if you are a janitor, be is a process an excellent janitor; if you are a manager, be an outstanding work and hands on manager; if you are supervisor be exemplary. In other experience. Words, give the best of your performance and sign your work with excellence.

Speaking of Quality, how do you spend quality time with your work and your family? Here are some situations in having quality time. A husband who work in a Refinery in the Middle East. Find time whwnever he goes home for a month vacation and have to spend whatever little time he has to spend with his could ones. It ica be an outing on a weekend in some beautiful spots both in his province Bataan, in some nearby places in Boracay or Bohol.

To some, spending quality time is during mealtime. Where the family can share togetherness. Chatting, talking story telling with family members are ways to have quality bonding.

Other family members when they are complete and who love to cook and eat, hang around in the kitchen during weekends. They cook and eat together their favorite food. They cook, eat and listen to other family members of whatever interesting stories they share after a hearty meal.

Similar to this is grilling, barbequing in the spacious front or backyard, when fire from hassles of work. Sometimes, while waiting the meat to be cooked they engage in some sports like badminton, scrabble or chess and they enjoy and laugh a lot. On other occasions. They simply opt to stay home and “spend out time watching TV or singing in a Videoke or playing computer games.”

The best bonding for me is to spend church with my family. This greatly helps in the family bonding, since the family that prays together, stays together. “Children will learn the importance of faith. It will enable them to understand and respect, the people around them. So how about you? Where do you plan to have a family bonding?

Be it a vacation time, an outing or picnic, cooking as sports playing or attending the mass; all of theese contribute to excellent and quality time.

By: Ms. Maria Teresa Perez | Teacher I | Hermosa National High School | District 1

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