CHANGES are constant.  The Philippine educational system experienced and is experiencing changes from time to time.  The curriculum, programs and projects over the past years implemented by the Department of Education are some of the evidences.  Changes are inevitable particularly to the field of education.  We need to welcome changes whether we like it or not; whether it will bring advantage or disadvantage; and whether it is possible or impossible.  We can’t really tell if it will work out if we never even bother to try it.

Why do parents send their children to school?  What are the reasons why we need to go to school?    To have a better future? To be able to face the real world?To uplift their standard of living?To rephrase it, that is to be able to compete with the fast changing world.  The world and its society itself is changing, thus, we need to equip our students with the needed knowledge, skills and training suitable to the needs of the society not only in the Philippines but as well as abroad.

The Philippine undergone change as it adapts the K + 12 program in educational system.  Kindergarteneducation or the K+12 will prepare 5 year old children physically, socially, emotionally, andmentally for formal schooling.K+12 will increase the children chance of surviving and completingformal schooling, reducing dropouts’ incidence and insuring better school performance.The Kindergarten + 12 years education of the Filipino students might be a burden to some parents.

They are thinking of the long years of financing the children for their education.  Some parents might think of the years of waiting for them to return the favor as they will start to join the work force.    But come to think of it, what is another 2 years of schooling if it means a guaranteed lifelong success.

Graduates of the K to 12 programs will be perceived with increased competency and have better global opportunities.  Students will have more time learning core academic areas thus ensuring better comprehension because of the lesson re decongested and more focus than before.  The graduate will be highly employable as they are equipped with TESDA – like program, reducing the rate of unemployment in the Philippines.   In K + 12 curriculum their skills and talents are honored and nurtured to face the future.

Remember that we need an open mind to make it happens.  Refusing changes sometimes will cause regrets in the end.  As a Filipino citizen, we need to support the program.

By: Ms. Mildred V.Nichols | Teacher II | Mariveles National High School- Poblacion

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