If one day a teacher walks inside his classroom and found that none of his pupils want to listen, everything is not in order, what could be the best thing to do ? Nowadays, the challenge  of getting the attention of the pupils before classes start and after the classes end is an unavoidable task of a teacher. Without instilled discipline on pupils, teachers’ preparation before the classes start would be useless. The whole day spent in formal classroom teaching without discipline would mean wasting time, energy and effort both on the part of the teachers and pupils. With very limited resources of the government, educators should find ways on how to maximize the available resources be it material or immaterial. 

School administrators play a big role in assisting the teachers in instructional supervision including the discipline of pupils. Mentoring the teachers on how to adopt different strategies on instilling discipline especially on problem pupils could be of big help to them in carrying out the tasks they would do for the day.

Below are some pointers on how could a teacher check his/her classroom management. As the teacher reads the questions below, he must try to answer it as honestly as he can.

1.Are you always ready when you come to school everyday-ready in terms of lesson    plan, visual aids, homework etc.?

2.Do you always give motivation related to the lesson that you will teach to the pupils before you teach the actual lesson?

3.On the first day of classes, do you establish rules inside and outside the classroom? Do you tell to your pupils what punishment(s) would be given to them if they committed minor and major misbehavior?

4.Do you train your pupils acceptable simple behaviors like passing the papers correctly, arranging the chairs and tables before leaving the classroom, saying simple courteous expressions like “Sorry,”  “Please,”  “May I____ ?,”  “Thank you”  and others ?

5.Are you fair to everyone, both intelligent and dull pupils ?

6.If the unruly pupil is  difficult to discipline, do you try to contact his/her parent and talk to the parent about the child’s misbehavior?

7.Do you use a little humor  in calling the attention of misbehaving pupil?

8.Do you always have extra work to give to your pupils to always keep them busy?

9. Do you check the assignments of your  pupils before you start  teaching?

10.Do you have an attractive, orderly environment inside your classroom?

The  success  or  failure  of  any  teacher  who  teaches would  depend much on the disciplinehe instilled among his pupils before and after the start of the school year. If the teacher is successful, the learners would also be successful in the future. But if the teacher is a failure the same would be true to the learners, they would also be a failure.  Choosing success is always the best option a teacher would want to have for him to be called effective and efficient classroom manager. The task of instilling discipline is difficult but its rewards in the end both on the part of teacher, learners and administrator is priceless.

Truly, the slogan of the New Society during the time of ex-President Marcos is still true and adaptable up to this time,” Sa ikauunlad ng bayan, disiplina ang kailangan.” Adopting this in school level management, ”Sa ikauunlad ng pampublikong  paaralan,disiplina ang kailangan.”

By: Ms. Charina A. Morales | Principal I | Casupanan Elementary School | Hermosa,Bataan

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