Teacher nowadays find difficulty on how to make their pupils easily because they encounter some problems like overcrowded classroom, depilated facilities, pupils suffering from malnutrition and poverty. Despite of these problems there are some factors that may influence the learning ability of a child. And these are as follows:

1. AGE – People of all ages are capable of learning; most children learn social skills for interacting with their peers of their ages. And as they grow older they can continue to learn new knowledge and skills.

2. MOTIVATION – Learning is usually more effective and rapid when the learner is well motivated. Children like to be motivated because they are eager to learn more.

3. EXPERIENCE – Learning takes place in school but much of human learning occur through their experience. There’s a saying that “Experience is the best teacher”. Children learn new things through their experiences.

4. INTELLIGENCE – Children may differ individually in their level of intelligence and thus in their ability to learn and understand. A child may easily learn skills in some categories but have difficulty in learning in others. For example, a child who is good in Mathematics may have difficulty in English.

By: Mrs. Marivic V. Destreza | Bilolo Elem. School Orion, Bataan

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