It has been the battle cry for the Department Of Education to provide school children with quality education. Every school is then mandated to deliver the best education to their clientele-the pupils. But how do we achieve quality education? There are some factors to consider in attaining quality education. 1. School Administrator Factor: A school head who has the skills in proper management and good leadership can improve academic achievement. An excellent school head is someone who uplifts the spirit of his subordinates and inspires them to a high level performance. As an instructional manager, he should continue to upgrade himself with the trends in education. As a leader, he should know how to work hand in hand with other stakeholders in the community o improves the physical as well as academic status of the school.2. Teacher Factor: It has always been said that you cannot give what you do not have, thus, a teacher should continue to learn, attend seminars and training to improve his teaching skills. A good teacher must know how to manage his class to fully deliver the knowledge he wants to impart to his pupils. He must be flexible and knows what his pupils need.3. Pupil Factor: Even if the teacher is the best teacher. If the pupil himself is not interested to learn, then quality education cannot be achieved. These pupils should attend school and avoid getting absent to have continuity in the learning. They should be aware of the value of being educated to motivate them to go to school. To learn and participate in school activities.4. Parent factor: Modelling on the part of the parents is very important in values formation, thus, as parents they should be the one to motivate their children to go to school. They should cooperate with the teacher on how to improve their child’s performance. They must work with the teacher to make the school a conductive place to learn.

By: Diana B. Caberto | Teacher III | Limay Elementary School Limay,Bataan

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