Friendship is the hardest thing in the world to explain. It is not learned in the school or at home, but you extremely feel the joy and love when you were together.

Our parents are true image of strong and lasting relationship and they are our best security blanket in times of our loneliness, frustrations and difficulties.

Parents can quickly identify different scenes, neither tension and conflict among them and their children. They are aware to that situation and they know to respond to it. Conflict Management is a vital skill for promoting family unity. When it’s done properly, the relationship of members of the family flows smoothly and a child’s self-esteem, motivation and maturity are positively influenced.

There are some ways to prevent conflict and maximize love to our family; accept faults, learn to share what you have, respect others and overcome your weaknesses.

Remember that in every family, there are differences of opinion, approach and style, most often children test limits and assert their independence to their parents and peers. To this situation, it is our parents who console and understand us.

Always remember, that a true happiness doesn’t depend on position, but it comes from the quality of relationship shared with love and respect. This relationship builds lasting memories and we can only feel the true essence of lasting love in our family. They are our true friends. A God’s gift to us.

By: Ms. Socorro P. Siton | Lamao, Limay, Bataan

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