Parents are a child’s first teacher, and play a vital role throughout their child’s formal education. Healthy relationships between home and school contribute to student achievement. Regardless of socioeconomic level, ethnic/racial background, or parents’ education level, students do better academically when their families are involved in learning. 

Family and parent involvement can take many forms, from volunteering in the classroom- Brigada Eskwela is a very good example. The Brigada Eskwela is a school and maintenance program that engages all education stakeholders to contribute their time, effort and resource in ensuring that public schools are set in time for the forthcoming school opening. It is an event where communities, parents, alumni, civic groups, local businesses, non-government organizations and private individuals including teacher and student volunteers to devote their time and skills to do repairs and maintenance work in public schools.

The more ways schools and family’s partner to support student learning, the more family involvement takes place. 

We as educators should build trust and personal relationships with families. Let’s make outreach to all families a priority by finding multiple ways for families to get involved at multiple times, help families connect to needed supports and services for their children’s learning, help families connect to other families. For families who have not had positive experiences with school in the past, it may take time to build trust and establish a positive school-family relationship. Teachers should also encourage two-way communications. Open avenues for parents to ask questions, make suggestions and stay informed about their child’s school day. Use technologies like cellular phones and emails to communicate with families.

Teachers should also know their students’ background. It is better to consider students’ attitude and interest during academic planning, paying attention to issues as education and career aspirations, creativity and sense of belonging. 

Remember, good relationship between School and Family contribute to students’ achievement and success.

By: Ms. Salvacion F. Dagdag | Teacher III- Mariveles National High School- Cabcaben

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