WE are all aware of the influence of science in our daily lives,but do we know the people who developed it many years ago as a branch of knowledge?  

Here are the famous personalities in Science and their contributions:

1. Thales (585 BC)-A greek philosopher who correctly predicted a solar eclipse that took place in this year.

2. Pythagoras (500 BC)- a Greek philosopher and mathematician who argued that the Earth was round and  attempted to expalain the nature and structure of the universe as a whole.

3. Democritus (400 BC)-proposed that all materials are made up of indivisible particles called atoms.

4. Archimedes (200 BC)-discovered the paws of the lever and pulleys and the principle of bouyancy.

5. Galileo (1500 BC)-Italian Scientist,the first one to use a telescope to study the sky.

6. William Gilbert ( 1000 BC)-English physical,discovered the Earth’s magnetism and explained the action of a compass.

7. Blaise Pascual (1605)- French physicist,made discoveries about air pressure and the pressure of fluids.

8. Isaac Newton (1655-1666)- English Scientist,formulated the Law of Motion.

9. Robert Hooke (1655)- First studied the cell and presented illustrations of cells.

10. Anton Van Leeuwenhoek (1670)- a Dutch amateur scientist,invented the microscope and became the father of Biology.Recent development has been made on the field of science and technology.

Here are the famous personalities:

1. Thomas Cech and Sydney Muman (1989)independently discovered that certain RNA molecules can aid in chemical reactions in cells.

2. Steven Rosenberg and R. Michael Blaises  and W.F. Anderson carrried out the first gene transfer into humans (1990)3. In 1994,American astronomer Alexander Wolszcann discovered the first known planet outside the solar system orbiting a pulser 1,500 light years away.

By: Mrs. Gemma S. Gomez | Teacher I Capunitan Elementary School

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