It takes for a teacher to have bottomless techniques and a “sky is the limit” patience to deal with the SPED slow learners.

To be in a heterogeneous class is a much lesser load than to handle a SPED slow. But as we say, teaching is the noblest profession and takes a mother’s heart to be such, thus teachers must fully understand the diversity of learners. Teachers must be considerate of the learners’ background. In doing so, they can then realize the real life situation and the reasons of the academic lag.

The teacher should establish a very strong but positive rapport with the students so that the stress they may infuse will be minimized. A constant and intimate communication with the parents thru conferences, home visitation, family day celebration, school affairs and others, could also lessen the stress for these are the best times to report to parents and solicit their support. The teacher must also know how tp play along with the tantrums and weaknesses of the children. Provide works and activities they can afford. Start with the simplest ones and gradually appraise the method. Most importantly let them feel loved, respected and give them the sense of belongingness.

By then, they may be slow but with the values inculcated in their hearts maybe touched and would gradually teach them to value what are taught. Make each day a fun experience. Start the day with a smile and end it will fulfillment. Remember each day is an achievement.

By: MS. MEREDITH D. ORTEGA | Teacher III | Mabatang Elementary School, Abucay, Bataan

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