“Kabataan ang pag -asa ng bayan“, one of the most popular lines which our national hero imparted us. Almost every Filipino even our grade-schoolers know this expression which shows how profound our respect to our hero is.

 Dr. Jose Rizal was really optimistic that in the future, the Filipino Youth will be our next leaders who will share their knowledge and talents in bringing the best for our motherland. He, in some point is very right. Our Filipino Youth nowadays, are vigorous in reaching out what they want, risk takers, liberal minded and resourceful- some of good traits needed for this country to progress. They can be our only hope perhaps.

 However, our hopes become hopeless when hindrances hamper their goals, when problems begin to arise, when their dreams do not come true and reality turns into fairy tales.

 One of which is poverty, such an immense struggle that most skilled and talented youths are facing at the moment. Furthermore, government fund is very insufficient to sustain them a higher level of education.

 As a solution, K+12 System is introduced to Philippine Education. It stands for KINDERGARTEN+6 YEARS ELEMENTARY+6 YEARS SECONDARY. Kindergarten is mandatory before reaching the Elementary Level. Secondary Level on the other hand, is divided into two parts: Junior High School (4 years) and Senior High School ( 2 years).

 Our government believes that the system will lessen the burden of the Filipino as well as of the Government. They are taking into account that another 2 yrs in high school will be comparable to vocational courses where the students can learn specialized skills and can have their jobs after finishing secondary level; therefore Tertiary Level of Education will not be that necessary. They can be globally competitive after high school, thus, their goal of being a productive social being can be accomplished.

  There are lots of issues regarding the newly introduced Education System. Antagonists say it is only waste of funds and time, while Protagonists are very certain that through this system, Filipino youth can start aiming high for themselves, for their families and for their country and therefore the famous lines and dream of our dear hero becomes realization.” Kabataan ang Pag –asa talaga ng Bayan”.

By: Mrs. Riza Q. Mendoza | Teacher I | Orion National High School

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