Celebrating birthdays may seem unimportant for busy employees but, last September 15, 2010 at 3:00 PM, Mayor Pepe Santos gathered the municipal officials and employees at the Conference Room of the Municipal Building to personally greet all the birthday celebrants of September.

   The program started with a prayer led by Mr. Danilo Dawal from MSWDO, followed by inspirational messages from Mayor Pepe Santos and other elected officials.   Mayor Pepe Santos intimated that the municipal administration will continue observing this occasion of greeting all the birthday celebrants for the month.  SB Members Rene Waje and Miling Santos, who were among those September-born and other celebrants were asked to give their messages to which they gladly obliged.   Happiness was written on their faces as they all thanked Mayor Pepe Santos for initiating this event and all remarking that it was the first time in their lives to be given such importance at work.  They were all grateful to Mayor for the delicious food that was served on the occasion.

    Kudos to Mayor Pepe, we know in our heart you want all the best for your employees!!! So let’s wait and see the celebration of the other birthday celebrants in the forthcoming months….

By: Norina L. Capili

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