Television. It’s probably on in your house all the time- while you get the kids ready for school, after the kids get home from school, while you prepare dinner, before you go to bed.

But have you thought about the types of activities and ideas you’re letting in your home through the television? Have you thought about how this medium could be hurting your children?

Be preventive as early as possible. Act now so you will not regret for tomorrow. Here are FIVE THINGS EVERY PARENT SHOULD DO NOW    :

1.    Set limits. Limit your child’s use of TV, movies and video and computer games to no more than one or two hours per day. Do not let your child watch TV while doing homework.

2.    Plan your child’s reviewing. Instead of flipping through channels, use a program guide and the TV ratings to help you and your child choose shows. Turn the TV on to watch the program you choose and turn it off when the program is over.

3.    Watch TV with your child whenever possible. Explain that characters on TV are make believe and not real. Some ‘ reality based’ programs may appear to be “real”, but most of these shows focus content is not appropriate for children.

4.    Help your child resist commercials. Don’t expect your child to be able to resist ads for toys, candies, snacks, cereals, drinks, or new TV program without your help. When your child asks for products advertised on TV, explain that the purpose of commercials is to make people want things they may not need.

5.    Set a good example.

By: Ms. Suzette S. Legaspi | Tomas Pinpin Memorial Elementary School Abucay District

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