There are countless teaching methods and strategies taught. Theories and studies have explained and educated teachers of the different teaching techniques. Inductive, Deductive, Project Method, to name a few, have helped enormously toward teaching learning process.

But from a teacher’s perspective teaching must set a clear goal and a very specific objective so as not to crowd up nor puzzle down the intellectual capability of the learners. A teacher can challenge a pupil’s intellect through controlled and active engagement of the lesson. It is a sin to build a boring classroom atmosphere which practices a traditional pattern. To ensure learning, let the children manipulate and experience. Keep in touch of the class’ interest thru open discussion. Set a free-style discussion and accept each child’s opinion, provided it is done with concern and respect. Don’t forget to provide appropriate assessment so as monitor the strength and weaknesses as well as the needs for improvement of the pupils.

It is suggested to get a regular feedback thru invitational observation or  peer mentoring to assess your performance that could help you stretch out more.

By: MS. MEREDITH D. ORTEGA | Teacher III | Mabatang Elementary School, Abucay, Bataan

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