Students and parents for one reason or another are not always happy with assignments or homeworks, especially when they are given on Fridays, that is why, last September 16, 2011, the Department of Education (DepEd) issued a Memorandum No. 392 s.2011, OTHERWISE KNOWN AS “ No homeworks on Fridays Policy” citing parents’ complaints about the heavy weekend study load of their children; moreover, they want their children to enjoy their childhood and spend quality time with them without being burdened by the thought of doing lots of homeworks.

However, homeworks when done properly, leads to mastery of learning. So Fridays or not, when homewroks are properly explained and assigned will result to achievement of purpose.

Teachers and students alike is the last but not the least part of every class session. It is a way of extending the school day by providing pupils/ students the opportunity to refine and extend their knowledge. This is done through practice and advance preparation or reading. With limited hours in the classroom and with so much content to cover, sometimes teachers run out of time for necessary extended practice. Giving homeworks can help.

Research has proven that for every 30 minutes of “additional homeworks” a student does per night, his or her over-all grade point average (GPA) increases about half a point. This means that if a student with a GPA of 2.0 increases the amount of homework he/she does by 30 minutes per night, her GPA will rise to 2.50 (Keith, T.Z (1982).

Homeworks also help cultivate good study habits. It likewise communicates to the child that learning takes place work at home as well as in school thus strengthening the home and school connection and the parent-teacher partnership for the education of the child.

For teachers, it is not a tool to assess the learning needs of learners with multiple intelligences and varied learning styles by way of creative subject requirements and authentic assessment techniques such as videotapes, posters, artworks, skits, poetry writing, song or jingle compositions which can not be done within the limited class time.

The DepEd’s issuance of Memorandum, on No Assigns on Fridays are most welcome by students, parents and teachers alike, but from Mondays to Thursday, teachers must see to it that its purpose and outcome should be identified and articulated.

By: Ms. Rosario T. Rodrigo | Teacher III

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