Teaching profession is never an easy calling. As much as possible, a teacher wants to be close to the students they are handling to create a good environment in their class. It is important that educators are supportive and friendly to the students to create the best learning environment. Teachers sometimes think that this environment can be achieved by giving praises with the students. However, recent research says that praises should be use in the right manner or it can only create a negative effect. Be sure that you are delivering praises in the classroom in the right time and right way. 

Praises in the classroom is mostly use in order to create positive response from the students. If you forget this importance, you are closing the doors of your students towards their improvements. 

Teachers need to know that they are dealing not just with the intellectual aspect of kids but also with their emotional well-being. Students will spend most of their time in the school and they will be with the teachers for a long period. During schooling, students are trying to gain their identity. They mostly want to know their strength and their weaknesses. In school setting, students are seeking for the approval of their teacher. If they will not be given the response they are expecting for a hard work done, then it could lead to their thinking that they are not doing well enough. 

Private and public praise can boost the confidence and self-esteem of the children. It is up to you on how you can give praises in fair and right manner. Praises will give positive work attitude for them to keep going in different activity.

By: Emerita P. Reyes | Pablo Roman National High School

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