Many metaphors are used in literature to describe life’s brevity or shortness. It is a dream, a swift runner, a mist, a puff of smoke, a shadow, a gesture in the air, a sentence written in the sand, a bird flying in one window of a house and out another .

Large numbers of teachers of DepEd had just retired for a couple of months of the current year. They retired, simply because they reached their retiring age if 60-65 but not because they are already tired, stressed or bored. With them not noticing that time had flew away so fast.

On the record, they were those teachers who contributed great achievements on the field of education. Dedicated their lives with great services and unselfish interests for the children.

When they were children, time loitered. But as they get closer to the end, their lives, time moves with increasing swiftness, like water swirling down a drain. In childhood they measured their age in small increments. “I’m 61/2” they would say, for it seemed to take so long to get older. Now they have no time for such childishness who claims to be 601/2 and older. Who claims to be called RETIREES!

Time flies….. to make the most of their earthly existence is to lose themselves in the will of God and use the remaining time of their live to the fullest.

By: Mrs. Edna G. Reñosa Teacher III | Tomas Pinpin Memorial Elementary School Abucay District

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