Times are changing. The way of life has become tougher and more complicated and many things are hardly explained and understood, adversely affecting the attitudes, values and character of our pupils. That is why guidance programs are necessary to elementary schools.

Every teacher in the elementary public or private schools is a witness to how radical and misbehaved our pupils in the classroom. Without any guidance intervention, this can put them into “children at risk” or “the problem children” category of the schools.

On this note, a guidance program is strongly suggested and is a must. There should be someone, aside from the teacher-adviser, who is capable of handling children and can address these issues and concerns-one who can help the individual achieve the level of his/her own capacity, assist them to meet and solve their own problems, create a permanent foundation for their sound mental adjustment and for them to live a well-balanced life in all its aspects- physical, emotional, mental and social. This should be done in the early stages of their life.

By: Judith E. Tanael

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