Most public schools may fall short in completing the target given by the government to educate every child. They lack in accountability, proficiency, infrastructure and assessment. Sometimes, the required number of teachers may be less than the number of students, making it difficult for the teachers to pay personal attention to each student. They need to prepare all the subjects needed to develop the multiple intelligence of their learners. But they are also tasked to train selected contestants for numerous competitions to uplift the school standards. They are expected to tap potential talents and exceptional abilities of learners while teaching 5 to 8 subjects everyday. They need to solve classroom troubles every now and then .  There are mountains of paper works to accomplish when you could hardly find time to do so because of meetings , workshops , seminars , competitions and even scouting activities where you are required to be part of . Sometimes , I get to thinking , Why do I feel like I made the wrong move in choosing a profession? Is it still the noblest profession like they always say??  At the end of the day, after a sort of reflection , after weighing all the pros and cons of being an educator, yes , I must say I’m heavily burdened … but no one can take away the fact that all the professionals that we have in the country , even the great leaders of our generation became what they are because of people like me … A second mom , a confidante , a leader, a friendly playmate etc. I may not have the best in life … At times , I get tired .. but , my selfless contribution as a teacher is indeed immeasurable.

By: Ms. Priscilla M. Flores | Teacher III | Tapulao Elementary School | Orani, Bataan

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