1.    Start the class session with a prayer making special mention of these silent pupils, praying that they will perform well in class discussion and oral recitation

2.    Offers positive comments whenever a silent pupil gives a try, in return it will become  a habit. Negative feedbacks might just keep them from talking.

3.    Give praises and recognition for a job well done and encourage the class to give him a applause, it will boost his morale and confidence.

4.    Give them an advance assignment or topics e.g. stories to be discussed for them to develop a feeling of being important and being trusted for such job. It will motivate them more to be active in class.

5.    Set a certain informal conversation with them during break time to unfreeze the negative feelings within themselves that might have been the cause of being silent.

6.    Give them inspiring stories about pupils with same attitude who have turned to conquer
such  difficulty  or problem.

7.    Encourage them to share their ideas or opinions in their own little way soon…it will be improved habit.

8.    Make pupils feel that they are all treated fairly in class and let them feel comfortable.

9.    Involve them in group activities wherein they will be leaders in order to build self-confidence.

10.    Acknowledge their presence and participation.

By: Teresita R. Ordiales

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