The reading skill of children can be improved and the love of reading can be instilled at their young age, especially in the present world of computers and other modern technologies. Computers serve as the biggest competitor of book reading among children. However, we must not lose hope. The following are some steps to help our young children to improve their reading skills.

 Give books as birthday, Christmas and other important occasion presents.

 Make sure children have plenty of books to read with a matching bookshelf.

 Parents should serve as the model. If they see you read, they will understand that reading is important.

 Set some limits on TV and Computers. They can use these provided they are guided by parents.

 Expand children’s horizon by giving/ buying books of different topics or subjects.

 Look for books with TV or movie version. They can fully understand both the book and the movie.

 Read books with children during bed time. Parents should do what is written in the book, if it is a song the reader can sing. Use your voice to emphasize some points.

 Dramatize or retell the story. Reading can be a great fun and children can make images clear to them.

As parents, finding time to read to our children will rob some of our precious moments; however, reading to them will surely make children enjoy. They can be proud of saying “My mother read a story for me”.



Nimfa Maria S. Calpo
Master Teacher
Samal North Elementary School

By: Mrs. Nimfa Maria S. Calpo Master | Teacher I | Samal North Elementary School

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