Cellphones, iphone, computer, ipad, laptop and tablet you name it, students have it.  Whether the students are studying in a public or private school, one of these high tech gadgets mentioned above, they own it. Students nowadays are very much aware of these gadgets which are sometimes that the teachers themselves are ashamed to admit that they know a little about it.    Using these gadgets in “surfing” the net make their life as a student’s easier.  They can do their homework easily.  It can be a huge source of information for the projects.  They can communicate easily with their teachers or professors.  Learning is in the students’ first hand already.

 .  They just need to know how to manipulate these gadgets intelligently and responsibly. However, high percentage of the students uses these for fun, entertainment and socialization.  They forgot that learning is just around the corner or just a click or touch away with the aid of these gizmos.  It helps to make the teaching –  learning environment interesting.

 As we move toward a more digital society, students even at a young age are being exposed to technology and digital devices.  As a result, when they come to school, they have slight to no tolerance for traditional teaching – learning like the lecture-style teaching. Students are seeking a high-tech, digital experience in the classroom. Since not all students learn in the same fashion, employing the use of gadgets in the classroom helps teachers reach all learning types.  Through internet knowledge is very much accessible to teachers and students as well.    It is an advantage for both of them.

 Just let the man manipulate its gadget but not the other way around.

By: Ms. Mildred V. Nichols | Teacher II | Mariveles National High School – Poblacion

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