No parent wants to leave a school age child home alone, but sometimes it can’t be helped your child care back up falls through or school lets out early and you can’t find an alternative. If you find yourself in this uncomfortable position, be assured that there are steps you can take to “prep” your kids for the time they’ll spend on their own.

According to the National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC),staying home alone can actually build a child’s self confidence, sense of responsibility and practical skills.

The council also recommends talking with your kids(and listening to them as well)to work out rules about homework, visitors, chores and so on.

Teach your “Home alone” children :

. How to call you area’s emergency number, or the telephone operator.

. How To give directions to your home in case of an emergency.

. To check in with you or a neighbour immediately after arriving home.

.How to use the door, window, locks, and the alarm system if you have one.

.To never let anyone into the home without asking your permission.

. To never let a caller at the door or on phone know that they’re alone (say “Mom can’t come to the phone right now “.

. To carry a house key with them in a safe place – don’t leave it under a mat or on a lodge.

. How to escape in case of fire.

. Not to go into an empty house or apartment if things don’t look right – if there’s a broken window , ripped screen or an opened door.

. To let you know anything that frightens them or makes them feel uncomfortable.

. To never accept gifts or rides from people they don’t know well. #




























By: Agnes M. Fajardo, Teacher III Casupanan Elem. School

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