“Thanks God It’s Friday (TGIF),” surely will be the favorite expression of many pupils/students as the Department of Education issued on September 16, Deped Memorandum No.392 ordering teachers to avoid giving assignments to students on Friday, citing parents complaints about the heavy weekend study load of their children.

Homework has been a part of students’ life from the beginning of formal school. However, the practice has sometimes been accepted and other times rejected, both by educators and parents.

Homework or assignments can have both positive and negative effects on childrens’ learning and attitudes towards school. According to the DepEd no homework/assignments shall be given during weekends for pupils to enjoy their childhood and spend quality time with their parents without being burdened by the thought of doing lots of homework.

Giving homework on Fridays means creating in the child a similar environment; since “homework is an extension of the classroom”, the home can be like school also; meaning there will be no difference when a pupil/student is either in the house or in school. Homework can help students to develop study skills that will be of value even after they leave school. It can teach them that learning takes place anywhere, not just in classroom.

The Teachers’ Dignity Coalition (TDC) a cause-oriented group of teachers, disagreed, saying weekend homework afforded both parents and teachers occasion for quality time together. “In reality making assignments can turn into bonding moments for parents and their child”, said TDC spokesperson Emma Policarpio.

The DepEd, cannot be doubted has good intentions for DepEd Memo No. 392. But teachers know what kind of assignment to give to students, those that they can do on their own. Homework is not intended to burden children, Policarpio added.

As a teacher, I believed that homework can benefit children in more general ways, as well. It can faster positive character traits such as independence, responsibility and self-discipline. Moreover, homework can teach children how to manage time.

So, is it really to have or not to have homework or assignments on Friday?



Nimfa Maria S. Calpo
Master Teacher
Samal North Elementary School

By: Mrs. Nimfa Maria S. Calpo Master | Teacher I | Samal North Elementary School

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