‘Self- discipline connotes internal motivation for one’s behavior, the internalization of domestic ideals and is most evident when external regulations of behavior are absent”. (George Bear)

Most teachers find classroom discipline as his/her major concern in delivering good classroom management.  No matter how good disciplinarian a teacher is, he will also encounter some pupils’ misbehavior.

A teacher should identify the different causes of disciplinary problems and ways how to maintain good classroom discipline:

  1.  Teachers’Poor Management Skills- Authorities claim that a teacher is also a Guidance Counselor who have enough knowledge in handling inside and outside classroom vicor.  He/She must possess knowledge  and skill in various classroom strategies and procedures and much more of her personal and emotional attributes.
  2. Classroom Conditions which are not conducive to learning although most public schools are overcrowded, those which are having excessive number of pupils due to room shortage, the teacher must see to it that discomfort  of students is tolerable.  Find ways to remedy immobility of pupils; for example class shifting to lessen overcrowding.
  3. Pupils’ Different Background

These differences are coming from family background, physical and mental capacities and emotional attributes.  The teacher must establish a warm and friendly climate in the classroom.  Her/his  strategies must be motivational.  She can implement

Group-oriented methodologies to make his/her pupils more bonded; e.g. cooperative learning, peer-teaching, group assignments/projects. Of significant importance are the teachers’ attributes: like,patience, compassion,concern,caring attitude, respect and trust for others

As a whole,the teacher must know his/her learners well, their individual full names,family composition and socio-economic status so that he/she will be a good classroom manager and disciplinarian.

By: Mrs. Chona G. Dela Rosa | Teacher I Kabukiran Elementary School Abucay District

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