Teachers with poor personality oftentimes affects the teaching- learning situation. Pupils dislike teachers who are not neatly-dressed and who are not organized. They also hate teachers who cannot control their emotions inside and outside the classroom. Pupils also disapprove teachers who imposes corporal punishments while classes is going on. Generally, they hate teachers who cannot motivate them well and who are not concern in their welfare.

Teaching indeed requires deep commitment. It also entails following the code of ethics for public servants. This connotes that teachers must learn to develop their personality since they are handling growing kids. They need to improve their mode of dressing, their manner of speaking and dealing with people. Their interaction with parents and Dep.Ed. Officials. They need to be organized in class and they should not start the days lesson if the classroom is unprepared. Teachers should also learn to control their emotions inside and outside the classroom. Pupils will respect them if they will be more patient and loving in dealing with them.

So as to inspire learners, teachers must elicit high moral values and they must be role model to their pupils. If not, we are developing children who will be the liability of our society.

By: Mrs. Anniebelle I. Galindo | Teacher- Lamao Elem. School- Limay District

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