Are teachers really prepared for the noble task of molding the minds of the students?  What preparations should teachers consider before plunging into the daily routine of teaching?




The educational system today is faced with a lot of obstacles which directly affect the quality of education in the country.  These obstacles have long been identified by the national leadership.  Class size, lack of classrooms, instructional materials, laboratory facilities, and most of all, lack of teachers.  All these contribute largely to the attainment of the national vision to attain quality education.




Everything considered, teachers can still arrest the declining quality of education if there will be enough and careful preparation of the lessons.  Despite the limitations of the vocation, teachers can be the ultimate solution to the problems besetting education.  With careful preparation of the lesson, teachers can maximize the use of the limited resources provided by the government.  The efficiency and effectivity of the teachers are not dependent on the prototype lesson plans provided by the Department of Education.  Although these lesson plans are products of several workshops and school-based seminars,  there can be no better substitute for a resourceful, careful and innovative teacher inside the classroom.




Innovative teachers produce excellent students.  Careful teachers uplift the values of the students.  Resourceful teachers become good exemplars to the students.




Above these, teachers must know how to teach and what to teach.


Alvin R. Medina


Gen. Lim Elementary School


Orion, Bataan




By: Alvin R. Medina

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