It’s a known fact that a child  imitates the gesture of an adult. So as parents and as teachers we should understand that the greatest force that molds our children is to lead them by example. The way we live and the way we talk are different factors in producing the kind of men and women we want our children to become.


As adult  leaders, our examples frequently teaches our children towards the values that they need to learn like honesty, courtesy, integrity and others. So we must be careful with our actions if we want them to become worthy and productive citizens because when we create conflicting messages of honesty and dishonest example our children. Will lose their way and it will be hard for them to distinguish which is right and which is wrong.


Our present young generation find it hard to clearly understand the moral values that we’re teaching them because of the immortalities seen around us today. If we won’t be bothered about this, we are destined to reap what we have sown. But if we love them and want them to see a brighter future, let us teach them our good example. Let us be great teaches: Let us live the way it should be.

By: MS. VIVIAN S. PIZARRO | Orion Elementary School, Orion, Bataan

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