Teachers perform special task in the community. They are sources of learnings. They serve as the surrogate parents for every learner.


            Teaching is not an easy task shouldered by the teacher for they are not only focus on the mind’s development of individual learners but rather on the totality of the individuals. But how can teachers do this? How can one be effective teachers? Here are some guidelines for you.


An effective teacher is…


1. Know how to motivate learners


            -The real task of a teacher does not end with the writing of the daily lesson plan but not how you can put your daily plans into action that is “to motivate your pupils to learn”. Different teachers use different techniques to motivate pupils. Some uses charts, pictures, tangible objects etc. whatever techniques you may have in mind the most important is you catch the interest of every learners in your classroom.


2. Child centered not subject oriented


            -“Pedro, you are poor in mathematics, you should focus yourself in studying addition and subtraction”, the teacher explained.


            Most of the teachers focus on the objectives of the learnings areas and not on the needs of their learners. To become an effective teacher,” the TEACHING STYLES should meet the meet the needs of the LEARNING STYLES” of the learners. One must know the strength and weakness of every child.


3. Act as facilitator of learning


            -Education is a life-long learning process so therefore learning is not only limited on the foul walls of the classroom. Anything and everything under the sun can be learned by the learners. An effective teacher should act as facilitator of learning she guides them to acquire new knowledge in a most descent way.


4. Open to changes


            -There is no constant in this world but the word “CHANGE”. Changes happen every minute, every hour and even every day. A good teacher should open herself with these “changes” copecially in the field of teaching for “what is true today may not be true tomorrow” nor may “what is effective yesterday not be effective today”.


5. Expose to different instructional materials


            -Today is a computer world a world for the new millennium. Almost everything is manipulated by “pushing the button” but the question is, “are all the teachers computer literate? Are all the teachers know Microsoft, windows, and excel? To become effective, you must learn to manipulate these high tech gadgets or else you will be left behind”.



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