Students and professionals alike say that among the four macro skills of the English language, writing is the most difficult. They don’t like to write unless they are forced to; and this is because they find hard time how to begin to write. But writing doesn’t have to be that way. Writing can also be fun, exciting and enjoyable too.

From our elementary grades up to the tertiary level, most of the writing we do is required classroom writing; like reports and journals in Science, charts and graphs’ interpretation like reports in Math and essays in English, Pilipino & other subjects. Many write only when they have to, because their jobs require it or because they are fulfilling their assignments. On the other hand, people write not because they have to, but because they want to, they write because they want to know their potentials & skills in writing. They want to express their thoughts & feelings and also to share their ideas, and one reason for these is, they are too shy to talk and they express their thoughts through writing

Why do we write? Maybe because its our assignment, it is an entry for one’s diary, we want to tell stories or you want to communicate with friends and relatives who live in other places, you want to some memories or reason out logically. You can begin writing privately just for yourself, or you might want to share your work with a wider audience. As you write, you might discover how exciting it can be. Even when writing is hard work it can be very satisfying your vocabulary will be wider, your ideas will be sharpened and organized.

When you begin writing something, don’t worry even you don’t know exactly where your words will lead you on what you are writing. After you have written for a while, you maybe surprised to find your writing taking in exciting new directions. In this case, new ideas may begin to flood your mind. A letter to a friend might become the raw materials for a poem. An entry in your journal might lead to a persuasive essay. The poster about environment you create for your Araling Panlipunan class might give you a material for a speech about our clean and green environment.

One word of advice, next time you want to write, just write what is in your mind. Focus on the topic that you want to write and you feel you know something about.

By: MR. CLARO TRIA DE CASTRO | Teacher III | Asuncion Consunji Elementary School, , Samal, Bataan (Former Imelda Elementary School)

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