Teaching is the noblest of all professions. In the study of psychology, psychologist belief that when a baby is born, his head is an empty skull that needs to be filled in. Who will? The parents and the family members are the first persons responsible for the very initial learning of a newborn baby. In this crucial phase of his life begins the effectivity of teaching which is the family.

    The logic is true. In the very first day of school of a child, the teachers are likewise the persons who are very responsible for the fulfillment of the objective why everyone needs to attend formal education. What are these objectives? These are to learn and to have a good education.  To achieve these objectives, he must have a teacher who can fill-in those knowledge to his min. And to become an effective teacher there are many factors to be considered, these are the following:

1.    Students / Pupils
Students/Pupils assessments play basic role in the learning process. They must have willingness to learn. Teachers must study the individual’s differences and must know how to cope with them.

2.    Classrooms
Is the place conducive for learning? Does it have the necessary learning materials such as books, references, visual aids, etc. which are very essentials in the learning process? These things help a lot in teaching effectively.

3.    Teachers
Teachers play the most important role in education. They serve as models to the students and to attain the objectives of learning which is giving the full knowledge to every individual they’re handling, the teacher must:
a.    Teach and practice good values to the students/pupils. They must be good examples in and out of the school.
b.    Must focus on teachings which means the overall knowledge of teaching. Starting from the approaches, methods and techniques he will use to meet the needs of every students/pupils to understand fully all the aspects of the subject they are teaching.
c.    Must have an open communications to the students/pupils and the parents as well. Teachers must not only be satisfied on just giving education but also know how to solve problems of their students with regards to their standing in school. Communicating with the parents or with the guardian of the students/pupils is an important task of teachers. Neglecting this factor results to negative outcome to the students/pupils.

The continuity of such effectiveness is a long journey of education. Everlasting research and study help to attain the goal of effective teaching.

By: Patricia D. Fernandez, Teacher III, Bantan Elementary School

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