“No man is an island.”   that’s how the popular saying quotes.  Thus whenever we turn to people are everywhere. We are facing different kinds of people everyday. So there must be some points to be remembered if one wants to be successful in this daily endeavors.   Here are some tips on how to build good relationships with people:

The most important simple ingredient to the formula of success is knowing how to get along with people.   Without this, every goal in your life will not achieve if you will lack this important ingredient.

If you want to be successful in life – no matter what goal you have, you must learn to develop positive relationship with people. Always remember that no matter how ordinary people they are; still there are important things that you can learn from them.  Still they are important.

Be considerate of people’s feelings. You are not always right in everything you say. Maybe your motive is good but then the way you put across your message makes them hurt. So always be careful and remember to think of other’s feelings before hitting your goals.

Make every person you meet feels needed, important and appreciated. A simple appreciation and recognition mean a lot to them. So this will lead them be positive and cooperative in pursuing your goals.

Knowing how to build good relationship with people will help achieve goals and missions, just always remember to ask guidance from the Lord.

By: Rowena M. Lisud (Master Teacher II Limay Elem. School)

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