You are a teacher. You must be happy with your teaching profession. A teacher must be properly nourished. A healthy, happy life starts with proper nutrition. It further affirms that good nutrition is the key to a healthy and happy life.

It emphasizes the belief that what we build today will determine a happy and healthy tomorrow for everyone. To attain better health and longer life a teacher must clear his mind of annoying psychometric illness such as fatigue, backache, headache and asthma. She must also learn the good eating and sleeping habits, develop her mind to help heal the body of common ailment; and a positive outlook in life. A teacher must be sensitive to the rising and falling of interest and energy both on her part and her students. Must be sensitive to the changing moods and change the type of activity which she engages herself. She must lose herself in works and forget the problems about which she can do nothing anyhow.

She must concentrate on those things which can justify in terms of real –life needs. And plan ahead whatever works to be done. She must know exactly what you wish to do by checking your achievements.

Accomplishing them to the best you can.

By: Ms. Nina S. Manuel | Teacher II | Pagalanggang National High School, Dinalupihan, Bataan

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