As teachers, we sometime attend seminars and workshops on our own. Face with predicament of making our presence felt and end up the inkling sensation of estrangement, we struggle to surmount our initial shyness and find means to establish good rapport among our seminar contemporaries.  To further enhance our capability to get ourselves within the seminar, here are some tips to surpass the quandary:

1.  As initial step, take time to wander within the premises of the seminar room. You might chance upon an old acquaintance that you have not seen for sometime now. It will be quite a reunion for you and your friend. To stoke the fire of warm conversation, you might initiate a conversation that you feel your friend is interested and will surely catch your friend’s attention for considerable time.

2. If your first mission seems impossible, do not keep still, keep your spring of hope high up and find someone in the seminar that seems in need also of someone to talk to. Keep your intention to befriend the other person more blatant by establishing good eye contact. Bestow your sweetest smile and nod a little bit whenever you eyes make contact to.  Approach the stranger’s way and start a small talk. A simple “Hi or Hello” may start your stardom to gaining new friend. Win your new friend even more by asking his name and other trivial matters like where he is from. If he responds accordingly, you may tell your name and tell other good things about yourselves.

3.  From then on, the flow of conversation will start to swell in.  You may start to tackle other things that might suit the atmosphere.  Talk about the topic of the seminar, the latest piece of currently talked about news or the state of weather. By the time you know it, your conversation is already in full swing.               

4. Always keep in mind that, the best way to carry on conversation is to ask your new acquaintance about him even if he is a casual acquaintance or a virtual stranger.

5. To make him more comfortable, try to offer him freebies such as candies or even offer a seat beside you on the table. Express your intention to be near him.

6. Lastly, always instill the two-way communication approach. Give the other person a chance to talk to as you take your chance to talk to in every turn.

I have been through to such dilemmas before, so that I can vouch for now the efficacy of the tips enumerated herein.

By: By Luz S. dela Vega | Mariveles National High School-Poblacion

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