Homework is an extra task given to students as an extension of their learning in school. For the past years there’s an order from Sec. Armin Luistro to reduce the giving of homework to students in order to ease the burden of students and thus they enjoy their weekends. There are times homework can be beneficial but it becomes easy if we know the way to do it. Some ways are better than others. If you follow some type, you can get your homework done faster and better too.

How do you handle your homework right now? Answer these questions and find out. Read the answer key on the next page. Then you can find some homework tips:


  1. When my teacher gives me homework, the first thing to do is______
    1. Scream and make faces.
    2. Write down the assignment.
    3. Try to remember the page number.
  2. I always do homework in my ­­____ subject first.
    1. hardest
    2. easiest
    3. wild and crazy
  3. I usually do my homework ______
    1. Sitting in an uncomfortable chair.
    2. Standing on head.
    3. Any place where I can relax.
  4. When I do math homework, I _____
    1. Don’t stop until I’m finished.
    2. Sweat lot.
    3. Take break every 15-20 minutes a lot.
  5. If I get stumped on a problem, I _____
    1. Call a friend for help.
    2. Just stick with it.
    3. Throw the book across the room.
  6. When I finished my homework, I usually ­­_____
    1. Try to do something.
    2. Go to bed.
    3. Think about the time I wasted.



  1. The answer is B. homework starts in class. Write down the assignment in your notebook. (Don’t trust yourself to remember). Make sure you take home the right books too!
  2. The answer is A. always do homework in your hardest subject first. That way, you can do it while you are still fresh.
  3. The answer is C. It’s hard to think if you are not relaxed. So try to find a spot that’s comfortable for you. Just don’t fall asleep. Though!
  4. The answer is C. Don’t spend hours working without a break. It will only tire you out. Take a rest now and then.
  5. The answer is A. A friend might help you see the problem in different way. Then you can finish it.
  6. The answer is A. Plan to a something that’s fun when you finish your homework you could say it’s a reward for a job well done.

By: Ms. Nina S. Manuel | Teacher II | Pagalanggang National High School, Dinalupihan, Bataan

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