Children should not have to dread this daily task that instills good study habits and discipline.

Since homework is part of the daily lives of teachers, students, and parents, it can be sometimes considered a burden by all.

Here are some tips that will make homework an enjoyable experience.

1. Clarify the purpose and objectives of the homework and share these with students. If they are doing the assignment, they are more likely to complete it.

2. Ensure that the students understand how to do the homework and know when it is due.

3. Make the work doable. This will give a child a sense of accomplishment and help him enjoy it.

4. Involve the parents. Supervision is important and will lead to the development of a good system of studying.

5. Make homework supplement school work.

6. Give students a break once in a while and not give any homework,

7. Assign group homework every now and then to develop skills and allow students to tackle larger objects.

8. Check homework submissions consistently and regularly.

9. Make adjustments for those who are advanced or have difficulty.

10. Share some of the homework with the class as the students’ personal presentation.

By: Mrs. Jane Rose Y. Tolentino | TI-Pablo Roman National High School | Pilar, Bataan

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