Upon entering public schools, we could all notice the paintings on the walls of entrance gates saying “Welcome to a Child Friendly School”. But is this really true? Are our schools child – friendly? It seems like a strange question to ask since schools are intended to cater primarily to young people. However, most schools focus only on the literacy of students, oftentimes neglecting their needs as human beings.

As teachers, we have a share in the responsibility of creating a child-friendly school. This involves the responsibility of dealing with our students with love and respect. We must let them feel that we, teachers, are truly their second parents. It is such a rewarding feeling for them knowing that they have a place in the hearts of their teachers.

It is also important that we give our students more personal attention. Talking with them is just one way of showing that we care for them personally. Likewise, being able to communicate with them would help us understand the diverse backgrounds they come from through this, we would be able to know why our students behave differently and eventually, be able to deal with them. Moreover, we should show them that we recognize their competence in order to build their self-esteem and self-worth. For instance, we should be able to give our honest credit and appraisal to our students who had shown exemplary behavior in the class. They need this pep to strengthen their pride and self confidence.

These are but a few ways on how we can help to make our schools child-friendly. As one writers notes, our schools must become warm and loving places, refuge from a hard and cruel world.


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