An important aspect of teaching, classroom management is a skill gained through experience and practice. Teachers must find ways to manage their classrooms to ensure students receive the best learning experience possible. Managing the classroom during activities can be a challenge — your classroom can become hectic and disorganized if you do not know strategies for managing classroom activities. Unorganized classroom activities will also affect your students’ success — if you do not know what you are doing, neither will your students.

1. Write an activity plan the day before class so you are prepared for activities. State your objectives or what you want to achieve with the activities and a list of all materials you will need. To accurately describe the activity’s procedure to your students, first perform the activity yourself until you are comfortable enough to present it to your class. Write down all the steps you took in your lesson plan, to which you can refer if necessary during the activity.

2. Inform your students of any rules or procedures you have established before beginning the activity. Tell students whether they are allowed to leave their seats during the activity, if they are expected to work quietly and if group work is acceptable. Make students aware of the consequences of poor behavior during the activity.

3. Arrange the classroom in a manner that will reduce the risk of problems during the classroom activity. Make sure you can see all the students as they work, which will prevent behavior issues during the activity. If students will frequently get out of their seats to gather supplies, leave enough room between desks and aisles for them to move freely and safely. When doing a teacher-led activity, all students should have a clear view of the presentation area.

4 . Avoid any interruptions while leading your students in a classroom activity. Do not stop in the middle to answer a phone or a knock at the door. Interruptions could cause students to lose their concentration and also cause you to make mistakes, resulting in student confusion.

By: Mrs. Priscilla A. Manalo | Teahcer I | South Elementary School

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